About The Nanny Tribe

The Nanny Tribe was founded in 2017 when the Owner Nicole moved to the Bay Area with her husband.  They quickly realized moving from a small southern California town where they both originated, that their family and friend support was minimal. The idea to create a community for themselves and other families in the same position was a developing dream.  To build a community that feels like family. To create connections to support one another, a Tribe of families and caregivers to help with each other’s children. 

Being a parent is amazing, but very busy, sometimes support is needed.  How can we create a community that offers a family feeling? How do we recreate our village?

The Nanny Tribe - Nicole Grossmann Owner
The Nanny Tribe - Nicole Grossmann, Owner

Originally from Santa Barbara California, now living in the bay area with her husband and son, Nicole believes that motherhood and family come first.  “Being a parent is amazing and incredibly rewarding. It’s also very busy, and can be hard.” 

Growing up in the childcare industry has built a foundation for the love of children, family, and caregiving.  It has alway come naturally to her.

Working with children as a babysitter,  nanny, and now a mother and founder of The Nanny Tribe offers Nicole over 20 years experience working in this industry. She has taken this experience, her love for children and affinity for customer service, and has built a business around these values. 

The Nanny Tribe was born from her heart. With continuous hard work and dedication, Nicole strives to create a safe and loving community for our children.

The Nanny Tribe - Rebecca

Rebecca is a mother of 3 rambunctious kiddos in the East Bay area. First hired by The Nanny Tribe as a nanny in 2017.  When baby number 2 came, her position developed into an assistant / hiring manager with The Tribe.  

With the experience of not only a mom but also a nanny, she knows the expectations of familiesRebecca takes pride in working personally with each new nanny and welcoming them to our Tribe.

The Nanny Tribe - Rebecca, assistant

Both Nicole and Rebecca are hard working mothers who understand the needs for reliable and trusting family support. They work side by side to grow this boutique agency, while learning from each other and improving The Nanny Tribe.

We at The Nanny Tribe acknowledge the word “Tribe” carries misleading historical and cultural assumptions. Marginalizing any community was wrong then and is wrong today. We recognize history and the oppression of these communities.
Rather than remove our content or rebrand, we want to acknowledge its impact, learn from it and have a conversation to create a more inclusive future together.
"The Nanny Tribe has been a game changer. I couldn't recommend this service more!"
Chase M.
Concord, CA