At The Nanny Tribe, we offer tailored services to meet your family’s unique needs — whether you require a full-time nanny, part-time nanny, household support, or occasional support. Our team of experienced and compassionate professionals works closely with you to recruit only the most qualified candidates who align with your family’s values and vision. We are committed to providing high-quality services that exceed your expectations. Let us partner together to create a nurturing and supportive environment for your family.

Areas We Serve

Northern California: San Francisco Bay Area, East Bay, Marin, Brentwood.

Southern California: Santa Barbara County, Montecito, Ventura County. 

Babysitting and temp services are excluded from Southern California

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Full-Time and Live-in Nanny

Employing a skilled and experienced full-time nanny is an excellent option for parents needing reliable support for their children. Our full-time recruiting option and tailored services offer over 25 hours a week of expert care for your little ones. While nannies primarily focus on caring for your children, they may also offer light household duties revolving around the children and their daily needs and activities, including ensuring that they are provided with healthy meals and well-planned, fun, and organized developmental activities. A nanny’s primary commitment is to offer unparalleled care to your children.

Household Assistant

Household assistants bring years of experience and proficiency in providing a wide range of household support services. Their principal goal is to provide families with a well-managed home life by catering to various needs, including childcare and household management duties. They excel in tasks that encompass meal preparation, moderate cleaning, laundry, running errands, and stocking pantries. What sets household assistants apart is their ability to create tailor-made services that meet each family’s specific requirements while ensuring that every duty is carried out with high attention to detail. They are motivated to free your family from the burden of everyday chores. 

Part-Time Nanny

A Part-Time nanny is an excellent solution when seeking support services for up to 24 hours a week. With a recommended minimum of four-hour shifts, your nanny could assist with after-school pickups, 2-3 full workdays, morning shifts, and other varied options. Primarily focused on your children’s needs, your part-time nanny would help with meals, education, fun-based activities, transporting them to after-school sports, homework help, and infant and toddler care. In addition, your nanny can perform mild household duties such as maintaining a tidy environment, dishes, and laundry for the children. We take the time to recruit a nanny who will meet your unique support requirements.

Less 12- hours a week of regular services

Are you looking for a more flexible childcare option that accommodates minimal care? This is an excellent service for working or stay-at-home parents who need weekly time to complete work or personal tasks, grocery shopping, or to visit the doctor or gym. A recommended 4-hour shift 2-3 times a week, this service is an option for every parent needing a little time for themselves. Our nannies will dedicate their time primarily to focusing on the care of your children, allowing them to have an exciting day filled with fun and stimulating activities.

Long-Term Temp

Long-term temporary services are a great resource during periods of transition, whether it’s summer or winter break, a big project at work, or dealing with other life activities or events. Having reliable and professional support for your temporary childcare can make a difference. You have the option of up to 45 hours of assistance each week for a limited time, not to exceed 90 days. Nanny services will be provided by pre-vetted, qualified, and compassionate professionals dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.


We offer a babysitting service that can assist you in having a much-needed date night without worrying about finding a trustworthy babysitter. Our service provides experienced nannies who have been pre-vetted to ensure your child’s safety. You may choose a preferred nanny or try someone new. Your children will have fun with activities that they enjoy. This exclusive membership offers up to 20 hours of babysitting each month and is only available evenings and weekends. We hope to help you have a relaxing evening while a trusted nanny takes care of your children.

Nanny Share

A Nanny share is an excellent option for parents who want semi-private nanny services. By combining forces with another family, you can hire a qualified nanny to care for up to three children. This option provides companionship, socialization, and shared experiences for all the little ones.
Our team of experts will guide your families through all the essential elements necessary to make the arrangement successful to ensure everything runs smoothly. Although we cannot help you find the other family to share with, we will assist you in recruiting a qualified nanny to provide the required services. 

Mother's Helper

A mother’s helper is an individual who offers support to new or stay-at-home parents when they have more on their plate than they can handle but do not necessarily need a nanny. Mother’s helpers are often new to the industry, recent high school graduates or enrolled in college. These placements are typically part-time and well-suited for caregivers trying to build their experience in the caregiving industry. Tasks could include supporting the parent with meal preparation, light household duties, caring for a child while tending to personal errands or to get a moment to yourself.

Nanny Training

If your budget does not allow you to offer market rates for a nanny, we have a solution for you. When we recruit, we come across many candidates just short of the desired experience.  Does this pique your interest? Ask us for details about our nanny training program. This may be your family’s solution for private care.

The market rate for nannies meeting The Nanny Tribe’s expectations is as follows:
Northern California, San Francisco Bay Area: $35.00-$50.00 an hour
– East Bay: $28.00-$40.00 an hour
– Southern California, Santa Barbara, Montecito: $28.00-$45.00 an hour.

Vetting Services

Are you considering managing your own recruiting process while ensuring that your chosen candidate undergoes thorough professional vetting to guarantee logistical compliance and meet your precise expectations? Allow The Nanny Tribe to handle this task for you. We will apply our comprehensive vetting techniques to ensure that you have made the optimal selection.

Our process encompasses rigorous background checks, comprehensive social security scans, meticulous work history verification, and comprehensive reference checks. Furthermore, we will diligently procure all necessary documents to exceed your highest expectations.

The Nanny Tribe (Nicole) was a saving grace to our family starting nearly 2 years ago! I had been through endless searches and interviews for a nanny, we hired one that didn’t work out, and then we finally landed on the nanny tribe - and Nicole found us the BEST nanny! Our nanny feels like a part of our family and our daughter loves her! Nicole continues to provide the best support to our family. I would refer anyone to the Nanny Tribe!
Andrea M.
Livermore, CA