About Our Team

At The Nanny Tribe, our dedicated boutique team is passionate about creating a nurturing environment where children can thrive. We prioritize the well-being and safety of children by advocating for the highest childcare standards and ensuring families hire qualified nannies. Our professional nanny services for families are designed to provide peace of mind and exceptional care.

Our Mission

The Nanny Tribe was founded by Nicole Grossmann, a seasoned childcare professional passionate about excellence. Our mission is to elevate childcare standards for all families while fostering a supportive community. We are dedicated to helping families find safe and compassionate childcare through our wide range of services. At The Nanny Tribe, we believe in building meaningful connections and providing personalized support to ensure every family finds the perfect caregiver for their unique needs.

Nicole Grossmann 
Founder, CEO

Nicole is originally from Santa Barbara, CA, and resides in Northern California with her husband and young son. She cherishes the essence of motherhood and the complex joys of family life. She finds happiness in simple moments, whether tending to her backyard garden, exploring nature with their Boxer dog, or experimenting with new recipes in her quest to become an amateur chef.

Nicole's connection to childcare and nurturing began in her childhood when she helped her mother with her in-home daycare. This early exposure laid the groundwork for her lifelong commitment to children, families, and the art of caregiving. Her professional journey includes years of babysitting in her teens, evolving into a seasoned nanny in her 20s, and continuing to support families to this day. With over 20 years of hands-on experience in the childcare industry and her insights as a mother and business owner, Nicole brings a wealth of knowledge and empathy to her role.

As the founder of The Nanny Tribe and their sister agency, Parent Nanny Edu, Nicole has created multiple platforms that embody her deep-rooted values of care, safety, and community. Her mission is to offer a supportive environment that supports and empowers parents and nannies, fostering a safe and compassionate space for children to thrive. Nicole's dedication to enhancing childcare standards and her passion for service is at the heart of The Nanny Tribe, where she inspires and leads with compassion.

Rebecca Conzelman
Lead Recruiter and Vetting Specialist

Rebecca, who married her high school sweetheart and is now a devoted mom of three, has deep roots in childcare, boasting over 12 years of experience as a nanny. Originally from the California Bay Area and now exploring Utah with her family, she has specialized in caring for infants and toddlers and managing nanny-share arrangements.

Following the birth of her second child, Rebecca teamed up with Nicole, taking on the lead recruiter and vetting specialist role. Her extensive nanny background and her firsthand experience as a mom equip her to offer comprehensive support during the hiring and vetting process, ensuring efficiency and simplicity for families navigating childcare solutions.

Why work with us

What we expect from nannies


We require candidates to acquire at least 2 years of professional childcare experience after age 18. This includes private in-home nanny services but may also include teaching, early childhood education (ECE) units, and private in-home daycare services.


The Nanny Tribe personally speaks with each reference provided because we believe in hearing the excitement and authenticity in their voice. Nothing is more important to us than ensuring safety and verifying that each candidate has a history of impeccable service.


Our thorough background analysis provides peace of mind by ensuring that each candidate meets our high standards for a trustworthy background and is truly who they say they are, ensuring the highest level of safety and reliability for your family.


We are not recruiting to find a nanny; we are looking for just a job. We believe a true caregiver loves what they do and is excited about going to work—or, as we call it, "play." We seek passionate individuals who bring joy and dedication to nurturing and engaging with children every day.

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