Family Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to offer services throughout the Bay Area including Alameda county, Contra Costa county, Marin county, Santa Clara, Santa Barbara County, Ventura county.  If you live outside these locations we would be happy to schedule a consultation to see how we can help.

The Nanny Tribe is a boutique agency that values excellent and personalized customer service.  You (The Family) and the Nanny have  direct contact with our boutique team to create a family feeling.  

Nicole and Rebecca work closely to assure even the small details do not get lost in translation, as it may with a larger team. Being mother’s, nannies, and nanny employers, they have the full circle of experience to offer your family the expertise you need to feel confident in The Nanny Tribe services

The Nanny Tribe believes in community.  It does take a village!  With ongoing support from the first call until the kiddos are off to school, throughout your employment journey with your nanny, we are here to facilitate success.  We do not walk away once the bill is paid.  We are your Tribe.

We are big believers in community, which is where we recruit.  Depending on the details of each family’s search, expectations, location, age of children etc. The Nanny Tribe reaches multiple professional networks to advertise the position.  We also continue to interview applicants as they find our agency in hopes to be matched with a family like you. 

It is best to contact us a minimum of 8-12 weeks before your ideal start date. 

The Nanny Tribe cannot guarantee a turnaround time, as each family will have their own specific details that can determine the length of the recruiting process.  We also take in consideration the current market conditions.  

We would never want to rush on your nanny search or have the feeling you had to settle for a candidate that didn’t feel right.

The recruitment process from start to finish is a minimum of 2 weeks up to 8 weeks.

We recognize the importance in finding a nanny who fits your family.  If you decide to go a different direction or find a nanny on your own, we celebrate your success.  We will end our search with the recommendation of looking into our Vetting services. We would like to offer you the support you may need to be successful with your employer relationship with your nanny.

The Nanny Tribe requests a deposit at the beginning of our services.  This deposit is non-refundable.

The Nanny Tribe will offer one, 5 day pause on your search. If you wish to end your search, we welcome you to re-engage The Nanny Tribe when you are ready to start services. If this were to happen, we will request a new deposit and service agreement.

TrustLine is the state of California’s official background check for license-exempt in-home childcare providers (nannies and family assistants, babysitters, newborn care specialists, and doulas). TrustLine provides a detailed, thorough background check using LiveScan fingerprints, which are sent to the California Department of Justice, the Child Abuse Central Index, and the FBI for review.

State law requires that every in-home childcare provider who finds a job through a domestic placement agency becomes registered with TrustLine by their first day of work.

This service comes at no expense to you.

The Nanny Tribe recommends that ALL caregivers register with Trustline.  If you decide to hire a nanny on your own, we recommend having this as a requirement for your nanny.

The state of California and IRS require all household workers to be Employed by the family they care for or an an agency.

The Nanny  Tribe is a referral Agency and does not actively employ caregivers.

According to the IRS, When employing a nanny, you direct their work responsibilities, require specific work hours for your family, and provide all the materials they reasonably need to do their job. This makes you an employer and your nanny an employee. Since your nanny or family assistant specifically works in your private home, they are considered a “household employee.”

You should be prepared to to pay an additional 10-12% on top of your nanny’s hourly rate for payroll taxes.  

This includes, state and federal taxes, social security, unemployment, and disability, workers compensation.

Market rate is the typical hourly rate being offered to nannies within our service areas, and it is ever-changing. A variety of factors will determine the appropriate rate to attract the most qualified candidates for your family’s needs, including: location, level of experience, years of experience,  job responsibilities, schedule, ages and number of children, but are not limited to these. 

Current market rate throughout the Bay Area falls within a range of $30.00-$45.00+ per hour, depending on the above criteria.  *Please note that you will be responsible for employer taxes in addition to the hourly rate.

The Nanny Tribe will offer an estimated rate for your service area and expectation.  This rate will be more defined although not guaranteed.  If your budget does not meet market rate in your area, The Nanny Tribe may not be able to offer a guarantee on placement .

As a household employer, you are responsible for state and federal unemployment taxes as well as workers compensation. Additionally, you can either deduct from your household employee’s paychecks or fund on your own social security and Medicare taxes. Legal pay also holds the employer responsible for paying at least minimum wage and using the proper overtime differential.

Your nanny is your household employee, and is responsible for state and federal income taxes, which you are able to deduct from their paychecks to ensure that at the end of the year, they don’t owe the government a significant amount of money. 

You are responsible for federal employment taxes when you pay household workers as little as $1,000 in a calendar quarter or when you pay any individual employee age 18 or over $2,600 in a calendar year.

For a detailed breakdown of household employee payroll laws, we invite you to visit HomeWork Solutions’ Knowledge Center and/or review the California EDD Household Employment Information Packet.

This will include information about, overtime, PTO/sick pay , minimum wage requirements, etc.

Offering your nanny guaranteed hours will ensure that your employee will not unexpectedly lose pay for the scheduled time you request from them on a regular basis.  Your nanny expects to bring in a steady income. 

You will need to take this in account for those days that you let your nanny leave early or decide to take a day off, you will still be responsible for those hours. Although if your nanny requests to leave early or has a scheduled vacation, unless they utilize PTO you will not be responsible for those hours.

While household employment relationships are much more personal, this does not mean that the arrangement is casual. By offering a guarantee of a reliable position, you know that you can depend on your employee to be there when you need them.

While guaranteed hours are not a legal requirement, they are considered an industry standard. It is requested that you follow these standards when working with The Nanny Tribe.  This will allow us to recruit nanny’s that will meet the highest of expectations.

While not required, it is recommended to offer “incentives”.

  • Healthcare reimbursement-one of the most highly sought after benefits for nannies either from your family directly or pursuant to a health reimbursement arrangement, such as a QSEHRA (Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangement.)
  • Additional Vacation or Sick Pay
  • Scheduled Raises and Bonuses
  • Reimbursement for education related to position, i.e. online classes, ECE classes,
  • Professional or recreational memberships


Many of these benefits can be offered tax-free.

It is recommended you offer a vehicle for The Nanny to drive while on duty but not a requirement. 

By offering a vehicle you will open the door to more candidates. You will also have the security of knowing the condition of the vehicle, safety standards, assurance car seats will not be taken out or have to purchase additional car seats.

It is recommended to have the nanny insured on your policy to drive this vehicle.  Car insurance is assigned to a specific vehicle rather than the driver; therefore, the owner of the vehicle is responsible for insurance, but offers extra security when the Nanny is on the policy.

Having an agreement with the nanny is a requirement of The Nanny Tribe.  This agreement must be completed by the end of the 30 day trial period.  By requiring this, it creates a more professional relationship between you and your nanny.  

The Nanny Tribe will provide a standard agreement for you to utilize if needed or you may use your own as long as it follows the base guidelines needed to employ your nanny.

Unfortunately there is no guarantee on human behavior or life circumstances. The Nanny Tribe recruits with longevity in mind.  We do not want a rotating door of nannies in your home and for your children and family. 

To help avoid this The Nanny Tribe offers a 30 day trial period with your candidate.  This time allows you to work out the kinks and get to know each other before you commit to long term agreements with your nanny, as well as reducing the risk of future issues. The Nanny Tribe also offers ongoing support throughout your relationship to support longevity. 

If your nanny needs replacement for any circumstance, either resignation or termination, The Nanny Tribe offers a Replacement Guarantee depending on what is included with the placement package you selected.

Please note that any replacement is contingent upon your family honoring the terms outlined in the services agreement with The Nanny Tribe.

The Nanny Tribe follows all CDC recommendations.  Each Family will request their own Covid precautions.