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Nanny Rates & Placement Fees

At The Nanny Tribe, our boutique team of highly skilled professionals collaborates with you to understand your unique needs, strategize a tailored recruitment plan, and craft an attractive employment package. Our aim is to attract a qualified and compassionate nanny who perfectly complements your family values.

Below is a general guideline for professional nanny rates and an overview of our placement fees.

Qualified Nanny Rates

Nanny rates vary based on several factors, particularly in the Bay Area where location plays a significant role. Please schedule a discovery call to determine a competitive rate that aligns with your expectations and location.


(Gross Hourly Rate)

Most professional nannies receive the following benefits in addition to their salary:

Two Weeks Paid Vacation

This can be offered upfront or accrued over the length of employment.

Guaranteed Hours

This benefit ensures the nanny receives pay regardless of whether their services are used, except when they have exhausted their sick time. (This is one of the most requested benefits.)

Mileage Reimbursement

Direct reimbursement for using their own vehicle during work hours, excluding the commute to and from work.

Vehicle for Job Use

Providing a vehicle for job use eliminates the need for mileage reimbursements, as the nanny would use your vehicle.

Paid Sick Time

California State law in 2024 requires 40 hours of paid sick leave per year for all employment types.

Paid Holidays

Payment will be provided for holidays that fall on weekdays. 

Health Insurance Stipend

This can be tailored to suit your candidate and their specific needs.


Yearly bonuses or pay raises are commonly expected by most nannies.

Placement Fees

The Nanny Tribe's placement fee is based on the type of placement. In addition to local searches, our team conducts highly customized nationwide searches for families outside the Bay Area. Additional fees may apply for short-term positions, including Newborn Care Specialists. A $650 engagement fee is required to begin a search.

A placement fee of 15% of Gross annual compensation based on 52 weeks.

A placement fee is 18% of the gross annual compensation based on 52 weeks.

Minimum fee is based on 20 hours per week.

Foundational Tier $350.00

Enhanced Vetting Tier $825.00

Comprehensive Vetting Tier Schedule discovery call

Schedule a Discovery Call For Babysitting, Temporary, & Independent Recruiting support rates

A few of the Benefits of The nanny Tribe's Services

Confidential Consultation with an Experienced Placement Counselor

Discuss your family’s unique needs and preferences.

A Customized Job Description

Tailored to attract the right candidates based on your requirements.

Dedicated Support by Our Expert Team

Receive assistance throughout the entire placement process.

Extensive Candidate Screening

Reference Checks: Verification of past employment and reliability.
Employment Verification: Confirmation of the candidate's work history.
Personal Interviews: In-depth conversations to assess suitability.
Social Screening: Review of the candidate’s online presence.

Exclusive Placement of Guarantee

Full-Time Placements -    52-week guarantee 

Part-Time Placements -   26-week guarantee

In-House Scheduling of All Interviews

Coordination of interview times and dates, plus detailed guidelines for interviewing and hiring.

Comprehensive Background Check

Conducted Once An Offer Is Made

Criminal History Search: Covering all locations lived in during the last 7 years.
National Criminal Search: Including records for the next 7 years.
Global Terrorist Search: Ensuring international safety.
Social Security Number Trace: Verification of identity.
Driving Record Report: Review of driving history.

Professionally Drafted Employment Agreement

Personally tailored to your household’s needs. or reference to an Employment Attorney 

Verification Certifications & Vaccinations

Ensuring the candidate is certified in Pediatric CPR/first aid. (hands-on training)

Enrollment of Your New Hire with TrustLine

Required by CA State Law for added security and verification.