Ensuring Your Child's Safety with Qualified, Loving Care.

Finding The Perfect Nanny For Your Family

At The Nanny Tribe, we are dedicated to providing qualified, loving care for your child. Building trust and open communication are the foundations of our Nanny Placement Services, ensuring we understand and support your family's unique needs. Every family is different, and we honor this uniqueness in our approach. By getting to know you personally, we tailor our process to fit your preferences, ensuring you feel supported at every step. Our carefully designed steps prioritize efficiency and thoroughness, allowing us to provide the best possible match for your family.

How It Works

We Establish a Relationship With You

Building trust with every family we work with is at the heart of what we do. By forming a genuine relationship, we get to know you on a personal level, which helps us communicate better and truly understand your needs. Our Nanny Placement Services begin with a discovery call to ensure we can support you in your search. This is followed by a more in-depth virtual interview, allowing us to connect deeply and learn more about your family and children. 

We Find Your Unicorn

We take your unique needs to heart, personally matching you with the most suitable nannies for your family. Our dedicated team actively recruits candidates based on your specific requirements, ensuring we find the perfect fit. Once we've identified and vetted the best matches through our Nanny Placement Services, we send you detailed profiles of each candidate. This way, you can feel confident and informed as you make this important decision. We're here to support you every step of the way, ensuring you find the ideal caregiver for your family.

How Our Nanny Matching Services Work

We coordinate and schedule interviews with your top candidates. We will walk you through a 3-step interview process in the comfort of your home. After each step in this process, we follow up with both you and the candidates to ensure both are confident in taking the next steps. This ensures that we are efficient and thorough through the most important step in this process.

Guiding You Through the Hiring Process

Once you've decided to make an offer to one of your candidates, we will walk you through every step of the hiring process. We'll support you throughout the trial period, provide education on becoming a successful employer, and coordinate any last-minute details. Additionally, we’ll assist you with all the logistics involved in being an employer, ensuring a smooth transition and a successful start to your new caregiver relationship.

Ongoing Support for Long-Term Success

Once you’ve hired a candidate, we don’t just wish you well and say goodbye. Our ongoing support is designed to give you the best chance for long-term success. We believe it takes a village to raise a child, and asking for help is an important part of that. Our goal is to provide stability for your child, avoiding the stress of a revolving door of nannies. We help maintain your nanny’s documents, offer support to both you and your nanny whenever you need a listening ear, and stay in touch to ensure everything runs smoothly. We are committed to fostering a lasting and successful relationship between your family and your caregiver.

The Nanny Tribe is awesome! After trying out care.com and Sitter City, we had a terrible experience, so we thought it may be time to get some professional help! We reached out to Nicole, and she made the process easy for us. She interviews both the families and nannies and pairs you up based on need and best fit—kind of like a Nanny matchmaker!


Brentwood, CA

Industry Standards

The Foundation of Expectations for a Qualified Nanny

2+ years Recent Professional Childcare Experience Over The Age Of 18 Years old (Nanny, Early Childhood Education (ECE), Preschool/Pre-K Teacher, Daycare Provider, Behavior Interventionist)
1-2+ years of this expereince needs to be of consistant private in-home childcare (Nanny) Over the age of 18
References To Authenticate Work Experience
Ability To Make a 1-Year Commitment To a Family
Exemplary Background
Pediatric CPR/first aid (hands on training)
Professional Online Presence 
Strong driving History
Must Reside Within 45 minutes Of The Position
Reliable Vehicle, registered & Insured
Registered Or Willing To Register With Trustline (CA Only)
Proficient In English (Reading, Writing & Speaking)
Willing To Work As A W2 Employee
Valid Passport Holder (Or Willing to Acquire a Passport Upon Hire) & Willingness to Travel
Non-Smoker / Vape
Authorized To Work In The US

Background Checks

Social Security Verification
Addresses, Names, & DOB verification
National Sex Offender Check
Civil Protective Order
U.S. District Court Records & National Wants and Warrants Check
County criminal record search based on 7-year address history
Criminal check including all names used and counties in which candidate has worked and attended school (7 or 10 years)
Federal Criminal Search across the 94 Federal District Courts nationwide. 
Global, US, & state watchlists
U.S. District Court Records & National Wants and Warrants Check
Confirm legitimacy of all former employers (10-year work history)
Education Verification
TrustLine Registry Check
TrustLine Application and Guidance Regarding Process

Are You Ready To Start Your Search? 

Here is what to expect next 

Schedule a discovery call with your personal recruting specialist
Complete our comprehensive Family onboarding form
Schedule a Zoom with us to go over the nitty gritty details
Let us take the rains and begin recruiting